How to Shampoo Curly Hair

How to Shampoo Curly Hair
There are many terms used to describe, treat and style specific hair conditions. It's important to understand the subtle differences.
Shampooing 101Washing curly hair rinses away dirt and the oil secreted from the pores of the scalp allowing the root of the hair to breathe. Generally it isn't necessary to shampoo daily. Your curl pattern should dictate how often you should shampoo.

  • Loose - 2 times per week
  • Curly/Tight - 1-2 times per week
  • Kinky - 1 time per week

Lack of shampooing curly hair of all types can cause dryness and dehydration to the root of the hair. On days when you do not shampoo, rinse hair with warm water and detangle with a leave-in conditioner.
Shampooing Tips:

  • When washing hair, never bunch or scrub your hair.
  • Use your fingertips to rub your scalp and run your fingers downward to clean and detangle.

Conditioning 101
Beyond anything else, the key to healthy, beautiful curly hair is moisture. If curls are malnourished, or underfed, your hair will not appear fully healthy and buoyant, but potentially frizz up and dry out under daily wear and environmental stresses. Basic conditioning in the shower after shampooing will help detangle curls without causing damage to your curls. It also adds protection for curly hair against heating tools, sun damage, and product build-up.
Conditioning Tips:

  • With all conditioners, be sure to start application 2" from the scalp.
  • Apply product to the hair, not just scalp.
  • Leave 25% of the conditioner on ends of your hair for extra protection and detangling.

Daily vs. Leave-In Conditioning
Daily conditioning is often confused with nourishing treatments. While daily conditioners lay the foundation for smooth styling they do not provide lasting benefits to the health of curly hair. A leave-in conditioner adds moisture and vitamins to wet or dry curls and works as an on the spot de-frizzer.
To truly condition curly hair you also need to use a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis.